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. >> a fox urgent, nuclear crisis in japan. i'm harris falkner, we're live with a special edition of fox report. a new threat of multiple reactor meltdowns and frantically trying to cool down the reactors with sea water and are' looking at the two plants in question, fukushima where there's been at least one explosion and the other, where we're getting word now radiation levels have dropped back to normal after what they're doing there for the problem. japan's prime minister speaking about friday's twin disasters, the earthquake and tsunami and now the nuclear threat. his words through a translator. >> 65 years after the end of world war ii, this is the toughers and most difficult for japan in that period. >> harris: we're just starting to get some satellite images. this is sendai, the epicenter of the quake. before on the left side of the screen and after. you can see how a torrent of tsunami driven mud ripped through the covered ground here. the government confirming now more than 2500 buildings in that city destroyed. scientists have just revised their estimates now how big that earth
you next fox news sunday. >> a fox urgent tsunami warning issued for japan. after a 6.5 magnitude earthquake has hit off shore. this coming from the japan meteorology agency, the tsunami could be 1.6 feet and as we know, the size is deceiving when it comes in and how the wave comes in and how much it can take when it goes back out. dominique dei-natale with the latest on this. >> reporter: harris, it happened just 30 minutes ago. the details we have at the off the coast, which is supposed to be fukushima nuclear plant having the problems from the results of the tsunami and earthquake. and taking the height, 1.6 as well, but it's not about the height of the wave it's actually the back distance of the wave, how high it is, and goes back, and the force that it will bring it it hits shore. we haven't had confirmation whether the tsunami has happened, but probably in at that area, as result of the march tsunami. the wave touched in and big enough (inaudible) it will just drag even more around and the recovery process going on up there, particularly difficult. and where the united stat
>> corn over a nuclear power plant in japan . an explosion earlier and another emergency at the same facility and just a short time on ago, a report of a big after shock. the epi center just 80 mile nuclear reactor in. i am harris fallkener. we are live tonight. losing ground in libya. rebel forces driven back. punishing attacks from the sky on our journal on the ground in the middle. >> earlier al-gaddafi attacked the town. the bomb was dropped and antiaircraft fire going up. >> fox reports from inside of libya as calls for a no fly zone. >> 14 people on board of a casino bus killed after the driver loses control. >> he struck it and the bus is tipped over at that time and cuts down the middle of the bus. >> but did another vehicle play a role. >> union protestors refusing to quit. thousands returning to the wisconsin state capitol after a crippling defeat over the collective bargaining rights. they are promising someone will pay for their loss . >> it is sunday in japan. a new danger following the tsunami and earthquake. the building at the power plant is destroyed and
saving supply already running low in japan's devastation zone. now traces of radiation found in even more food sources. but a month a frantic rush to contain a nuclear disaster. >> earthquake survivors pulled from the wreckage. we're live from japan where a new day begins. we begin tonight with a heavy bombardment by coalition forces inside libya. mixed messages by muammar gaddafi who has called for a new cease-fire and promises to fight to the death at the same time. here is where we stand. the fog calling operation odyssey dawn a success and we're told the no-fly zone is now in effect and cruise missiles and long range bombers have taken out a number of key targets including ground forces and air defense systems and the libyan military answering back with anti-aircraft fire lighting up the nighttime skies over tripoli, it's just after one in the morning there. and in benghazi, rebels celebrating the could alition attack. and yesterday, gaddafi prepared ready to launch a vicious assault on the city in which the allied air strikes prevented for now. our steve harrigan is live with the lat
on in the world. attacks in libya and the crisis in japan, and any talk of the president cutting his trip short in >> john, white house aids before the trip emphasized that the president travels with substantial staff and has capability to cope in touch with the staff back home and world leaders around the world. the president was briefed on thuation in libya today and delayedentious rents here in brazil but they felt like it was important to do . made a phone call to an arab ally as well. there are no plans for him to cut short the trip can due to spend more time in brazil and chile and el sal vador. >> mike emanuel traveling with the president in brazil. >> u.s. operations underway against libya. >> the navy launched the first tomahawk missiles against libya air defenses. what more can we expect from the fores in the mediterranean in with more we go to jennifer griffin lives in the pentagon. is the u.s. leading the operation? >> i would say, yes, in fact, the french may have flown the first air sorties. but the u.s. is in command and control of the coalition operation with the first tomahawks
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Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6